About Us

We're a cross-Canada digital video production & animation team based in Toronto, Ontario.

We focus on providing high-quality work at high-value for our clients big and small.

Our Experience

Hundreds of videos over the past decade have shaped & refined our process and vision.

If you've already viewed our portfolio, you know that Double Barrel is the most prolific video production company in the region.

Our team works hard— really hard— to ensure our clients get the most for their budgets and realize goals for their organizations and businesses to use the powerful medium of video to promote the work they do.

Our Mission

Expand your story with us

When we connect with you and discover your needs, we work to craft concepts and creative to expand your story.

Our team puts in a motion a plan. We craft a proposal for you, and walk you through your budget options. When you choose to work with us, we build a project work-back schedule (a map of how we'll deliver your project) and keep you informed along the way with what we need from you and where we're at.

Our Process

Refined over the creation of 300+ videos for our clients

After completing over 300 videos for our awesome clients we've refined our approach and method to provide incredible value for customers paired with extensive experience and quality— a combination rarely found in our industry.

Our Team

Working together for you

Unlike most other video companies, Double Barrel has a tight-knit in-house team that works together to deliver a cohesive, integrated vision and end-product for our clients. We provide our team with a creative, relaxed working environment to support a productive, collaborative working atmosphere.