Canadian manufacturers play a huge role in our economy – providing 1.7 million jobs annually and contributing more than 10 percent annually to our GDP!

At Double Barrel, we’re proud to have worked with a wide variety of clients in this space. From refrigeration and coolant to aerosols and adhesives, every shoot with a manufacturing client is an adventure, and one we’re always up for!

Explore our portfolio of work below.

  • Wolseley Canada

    Wolseley Canada

    An engaging training video series for Wolseley Canada’s nationwide managers simplifies the learning of essential business and accounting principles. With custom illustrations, animations, and lively narration, this impactful training content boosts confidence and fosters excellence. The outcome? A team of empowered managers, fully equipped and enthusiastic to excel.

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  • Company Overview Video

    M.G. Chemicals is a manufacturer of dusters and cold sprays, specialized chemical cleaners for electronics, protective coatings, flux and flux removers, photochemicals, copper clad boards,…

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  • Additive Manufacturing Innovation Centre

    Dynaplas is a precision injection moulder of high-temperature resins primarily for the automotive market. Focusing in on H20 Paddles, a sister division of Dynaplas which…

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  • Student Research Story

    The first in a series of original stories about the fantastic research work taking place in McMaster Engineering labs! This piece focusses on the work…

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  • Demo Video

    In the mid 1980s, Conros introduced North Americans to the glue stick.  At that time, the glue stick was made by Ross Adhesives, a small…

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  • Product Commercial Series

    Product Commercial Series

    I’ve often joked that Hillman and I are like Mulder and Scully. We get a phone call, show up at a location we’ve never been…

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