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Our professional documentary film production team brings more to the table than just videography skills— we can help you secure the right location, equipment, and other essential details for your film.

Experienced, Process-Driven Experts

Why you should hire a documentary production company for your next film project

It will elevate your brand.

Creating a professional-looking video requires, well, professionals. If even one aspect of your production is off, such as the sound or lighting, it can bring the whole viewing experience down. On the other hand, a high-quality documentary video can elevate your brand and help people take you and your business more seriously.

You don’t know what you don’t know.

Let’s say you’ve found the perfect filming location. Do you know what permits you need to film or how to get them? A professional documentary film production team brings more to the table than just videography skills. They can help you secure the right location, equipment, and other essential details for your film. They also have access to (and experience using) professional tools, equipment, and software that the average person simply doesn’t have.

We can help you reach a wider audience.

Whether you want your documentary film streamed on Netflix, picked up by a big festival, or published on YouTube, professional documentary producers can help you get your film in front of the right people. They can also help you craft an effective distribution plan and ensure your film has the necessary components to hit your goals.

Why we’re one of Canada’s leading branded documentary production companies:

custom scriptwriting

We help you shape your story.

We’re don’t just shoot your documentary. We help you figure out the best way to tell your story and provide strategic direction from pre to post-production. 

  • A team of writers
  • Script revisions
  • Scene list
  • Approval required

a great team

We make it fun.

Just because you’re doing serious work doesn’t mean we can’t have fun at the same time! We’ll tell your story in an informative and engaging way.

  • Professional & casual
  • Humour helps hard tasks
  • Take the worry out
  • Exciting, creative energy

focused results

We just ‘get it.’

We don’t come in like a typical marketing agency, calling all the shots. We listen, we care, and we’ll make sure that get a great end product while the process is enjoyable, too.  

  • Collaborative
  • Plain language
  • Execution on budget
  • Clear pricing

Brands • Organizations • Communities • Governments

You’re in good company.

Whether they’re private businesses, non-profits, charities, or large public corporations, Double Barrel has worked to showcase who they are and reveal the people and the dedication behind what they do.

Client Testimonials • Feedback

High praise. Just saying.

Our clients have great things to say, and we’re proud of the glowing compliments we’ve received over the years.

We entrusted Double Barrel to communicate our values and our vision, and to work collaboratively with us to share our unique story with the world. It was a distinct pleasure to work with Roz and the final product was indeed worthy of an international stage. The team at Double Barrel are consummate professionals, and I would work with them again in a heartbeat!

Arlene Dosen
Manager of Recruitment and Communications

Double Barrel helped bring our vision to life. The team’s creativity and diligent work resulted in a stellar product that helped raise the profile of our new Integrated Biomedical and Health Sciences Program.

Monique Beech
Manager, Public Relations

The team at Double Barrel has allowed us to share the story of one of the many important community-campus partnerships that McMaster is engaged in as we work together for an inclusive, sustainable greater Hamilton. This was a truly made in Hamilton project that we’re incredibly proud to support!

Dave Heidebrecht
Manager, Office of Community Engagement

Common Questions Answered

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s some answers to our most-commonly asked documentary video production questions.


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Someone, Manager, Public Relations

How long does documentary video production process take?

Again, it depends. The typical timeline for documentary video production is 12-18 weeks. Still, it could take longer depending on the number of locations or interviews required or the kind of approvals needed. 

What type of documentary video production clients do you typically work with?

In the past, we’ve created videos for:

  • Hospitals
  • NGOs
  • Care providers
  • Educational organizations

… and many more! ​​We provide video production services to organizations of all sizes. If you have an important message to share but haven’t figured out how to tell it, we can help you.

How much does documentary video production cost?

Short answer: it depends! Depending on the style, length, and complexity, our video productions can range in cost from $5,000 to $200,000. However, we always work closely with our clients to help them maximize their budget and return on investment.

How do I know if you’re the right documentary video production company for me?

You can always check out our portfolio to see our past work.

But if you:

  • Are trying to reach a particular audience but don’t know how to do that with video
  • Want to translate some of your existing content into video
  • Have a really good story that needs to be shared with the world

Then there’s a good chance we’ll get along just fine. Still, you’ll never know until you reach out.

Okay, I’m ready! When can we start working together?

Amazing! Fill out our contact form, and we’ll get back to you promptly with some next steps.