The Original Series

Original = Different

Episodic, informative and original. Double Barrel will develop a custom overarching episode style, visual treatment and production strategy that brings your online series to life.


Do you have an idea for an innovative approach to your storytelling - one that unfolds across multiple episodes? Then The Original Series is for you.

Build Audiences

Perfect for buisness and organizations looking to create a campaign, designed to build an engaged audience.

Our Original Series Clients

We're proud to have worked for these fine organizations:

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Roslyn Mugford

CEO & Creative Director

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Client Quotes

Our clients have great things to say, and we're proud of the compliments we've received over the years.

What a professional team! We shot the video over the course of a few days, and the Double Barrel team made it a smooth, fun and easy process for us.

We wanted return on investment for this project— we were hoping we’d get new customers interested in what we do after watching this video— but we didn’t expect such a great response— we still have customers calling and emailing us letting us know they watched the video and it was the primary reason they bought our product. Amazing!

Duane Storey

Co-Founder • BraveNewCode

Roz and the entire Double Barrel Studios team made working on this dynamic project a great experience.  They were extremely organized and provided us with the flexibility required to capture a vast variety of individuals and locations. Their professional, yet fun approach made for easy collaboration and their expertise; creativity; and willingness to understand and meet their client’s needs resulted in a finished product that exceeded our expectations!

Lea Matulovic

Program Coordinator • McMaster University

We entrusted Double Barrel to communicate our values and our vision, and to work collaboratively with us to share our unique story with the world. It was a distinct pleasure to work with Roz and the final product was indeed worthy of an international stage. The team at Double Barrel are consummate professionals, and I would work with them again in a heartbeat!

Arlene Dosen

Manager of Recruitment and Communications • McMaster University

Double Barrel helped bring our vision to life. The team’s creativity and diligent work resulted in a stellar product that helped raise the profile of our new Integrated Biomedical and Health Sciences Program.

Monique Beech

Manager, Public Relations • McMaster University

On behalf of everyone at AGE Inc., I want to sincerely thank you for developing our recent GPA videos. You are all so fantastic to work with and made the process so enjoyable and rewarding! With your help, we hope to change the lives of patients across Canada. Once again, thank you.

Chelsea White

Administrative Coordinator • AGE Inc.

We are so very grateful for all of your wonderful work on this video project. You were all so superb in investing in this project and in delivering the best quality results possible. You will be pleased to see the analytics on the social media ‘buzz’. It has really captured the hearts and minds of prospective students and of course all of us in McMaster Engineering.

Arlene Fajutrao Dosen

Manager, Strategic Recruitment & Enrolment • McMaster University