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Our clients have great things to say, and we're proud of the compliments we've received over the years.

I recently had the good fortune of working with Roz and team from Double Barrel studios. From the first moment I met with them they were focused on meeting our needs. The videos themselves were exactly (if not better) than we were expecting. Roz and her team were extremely professional for the entire process. I would highly recommend them and will seek them out for future work.

Sarah Kupferschmidt

Co-Founder • Special Appucations

What a professional team! We shot the video over the course of a few days, and the Double Barrel team made it a smooth, fun and easy process for us.

We wanted return on investment for this project— we were hoping we’d get new customers interested in what we do after watching this video— but we didn’t expect such a great response— we still have customers calling and emailing us letting us know they watched the video and it was the primary reason they bought our product. Amazing!

Duane Storey

Co-Founder • BraveNewCode

Double Barrel Studios found a creative way to present the topic of Mental Health awareness for us. They took all our information and distilled it down to the essential points that needed to be communicated. From our first meeting to the final edits it was a pleasure to work with their team.

Marnie Denton

Manager, Communications • Halton District School Board