Video Styles

Documentary, Commercial, Full-Story— Double Barrel has perfected the fine art of its unique video styles for clients.

The Full Story

You’ve got a compelling story to tell about your organization, product or service - and it’s going to take more than a minute to get it across? Then our signature style ‘Full Story’ is for you. Shot on location over 1 to 2 days, this doc-style digs deep to surface the soundbites that will compel your audience to action. Created with clips from up to 5 interviews, and cinematic footage of your offering, the Full Story works best when we hear from your leadership team and a happy client or two. Perfect for website headers and introduction emails, launches or brand refreshes. Self-narrated but available with voiceover option.

The Commercial

Just what you’d expect - a flashy, fast-paced 30 second spot that is usable on broadcast television or for your pre-roll and social campaigns. This style includes a custom script, one day of shooting and three days of editing - with basic text graphics and logo/call-to-action reveal at the tail. Perfect for consumer facing products & services of all kinds.

The Animation

Animation brings true joie de vivre to any project. Whether your product or service needs a bit of extra flash or would benefit from a bit of additional visualization. If you want to amuse your audience, walk them through a process, concept or the list of your benefits, consider adding animation to your marketing arsenal ~ you'll be glad you did!

The Original Series

Do you have an idea for an innovative approach to your storytelling - one that unfolds across multiple ‘episodes’ and tackles a new subject matter each time? Will these stories have original scripts and revolve around getting important information across to your audience as opposed to promotion of a product or service? Then The Original Series is for you. Working closely with your team and subject matter, Double Barrel will develop an overarching episode style, visual treatment and production strategy that brings your online series to life.

The Vignette

Wanting to tell the story of your organization, product or service but needing to keep it short? Then the vignette is perfect for you. One minute in length, this documentary-style, snappy little introduction is sure to pique your client or customer’s interest and leave them with enough time to check you out further online. Including interviews with up to three of your team members and beauty footage of the subject at hand - The Vignette is perfect for your website, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram campaign.

The Documentary

Your product, service or story has too much depth for a 1 or 2 minute piece. You need a video that takes its time and lets your narrative unfold naturally. Then The Documentary is for you. Shot over the course of 3 to 5 days (with up to 12 interviews), The Documentary explores a subject matter in depth, capturing soundbites and supplementary footage that supports its leading theme. Options include the addition of archival imagery or footage, custom graphics package and voiceover narration.

The Explainer

Ideal for getting complex ideas across or in situations where capturing supplementary footage just isn’t possible, the animated explainer video can bring any subject matter to life in a way that ensures your audience will stay engaged and entertained. Animation style can be basic, or custom illustrated from scratch. Additional options include voiceover and up to three interviews with key team members.

The Pitch

If you’ve got a brand new product or service (and a crowd-funding campaign to match), then the Pitch is perfect for you. Designed to hold your audience’s attention at a fast-paced one minute length, this piece includes interviews with up to 3 team members and cinematically-shot supplementary footage. Ideal for social campaigns, crowd-funding pages and the home page of your website.

The Trainer

The Main Event

The How-To

If you have a product or service that shines in the hands-on department, then this style is for you. Shot with an overhead camera and edited in a fun jump-cut style, these short & punchy 30, 45 or 60 second how-to demos are the perfect choice for showing off your product or service on your website or social channels. Graphically narrated but available with voiceover option as well.