And Then a Funny Thing Happened…

HAMILTON, April 21, 2015 – What has six legs, ten pieces of emotional baggage and will make you laugh uncontrollably? Award-winning women Diana Frances (The Hour, The Debaters) and Jennifer Goodhue (This Hour has 22 Minutes, Comedy Inc.) of F & Good Comedy have partnered with Roz Mugford and Double Barrel Studios to create an exclusive branded comedy production dream team.

It’s one thing to want to make funny, but it’s another thing entirely to successfully make ‘em laugh. Luckily, the ladies of F & Good have the comedy chops to back up their ambitious plans. Diana Frances and Jennifer Goodhue have both worked for The Second City, written for The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos, Comedy Inc. and This Hour Has 22 Minutes and have won multiple Canadian Comedy Awards. Roz Mugford, a former digital video producer for CBC’s The Debaters, and her production company Double Barrel Studios most recently worked with Frances to bring humour to breastfeeding outreach, in a way that resonated with female viewers.

“There are some topics that only a woman can write and make funny. When Roz and I worked together for Hamilton Public Health, there was that synergy that comes from working with someone who brings out the best stuff in you. Part of that is because of our longtime friendship and part of it is because, as women, you know where the other person is coming from,” says Frances.

Goodhue agrees, “That’s what’s great about Double Barrel. Their style fits perfectly with what we’re doing – they know how to produce comedy.”

Double Barrel partner Lee Hillman is excited about the company’s expansion into the branded comedy genre. “We’ve built up a fantastic client base over the years with our work in the healthcare, education and business niches. It’s really exciting to be able to develop custom comedy content for a whole new market.”

This unique trio plans to work exclusively on customized branded comedy and digital content. Serving what some may see as a ‘niche’ market, Mugford believes that the growing attention to comediennes will only increase as marketers realize the potential in female-driven comedy.

“Women are the decision makers and are the most underserved by comedy. Writing with the female perspective is not only a unique voice but also one that rings true with those carrying the purse,” says Mugford. “Who better than women, to talk to women?”

With women controlling 85% of consumer spending, and a growing demand for modern female-driven narratives, this is an audience worth making laugh.

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