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Double Barrel has worked for the past 12 years across many industries creating videos of nearly every type, length, and style.

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Universities, school boards, NGOs and local community partners around Ontario have turned to Double Barrel time and time again to help them communicate the important work they do. Over the past six years, we’ve produced recruitment campaign videos, educational series, curriculum launch pieces, awareness and explainer videos for a wide range of clients operating in the education space. Explore our vast portfolio of work in the education space below.

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The healthcare industry is built around communication. Between doctors and patients, family health teams and practitioners, care centres and the general public. For over a half-decade, we’ve worked within it - helping hospitals, NGOs, care providers and educational organizations tell their stories, explain complex information, and advocate for better patient care to their teams and to those they serve. We have a deep understanding of the healthcare space and are proud of our work within it! Explore our vast portfolio of work below.

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Non-profit organizations provide many vital services in our communities, and Double Barrel is proud to have worked with many to expand their stories and reach those they serve. Whether it’s a volunteer drive or a fundraising campaign, an awareness-raising PSA or an educational series, we’ve told the stories of these amazing organizations with humour, poignancy and grace. With award-winning results! Explore our vast portfolio of work in the non-profit space, below.

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As a business we know how powerful connecting with your audience and potential customer base is to building a vibrant company and meeting your objectives. We have several styles of videos which fit your needs, from vignettes to animation, service explainers to product pitch— we can expand your story to say what you need to say.

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For over a decade we’ve worked with municipalities and their communications teams to get the message out. Our custom commercials have beckoned newcomers, our explainer animations have educated citizens and our documentaries have shed light on entire industries to drive future investment in growing municipalities. We’ve developed creative that’s big and small for cities of all sizes, and would love to do the same for yours! Explore our portfolio of municipal work below.

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At Double Barrel, technology is our alma mater. It’s an area that we understand innately and that means that we can work your team to expose the core value proposition of your product or service. We've created product, pitch & documentary style video pieces for our software & technology clients.

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Double Barrel has produced over 100 consumer product videos, for clients from startups to national brands like ProMix. Employing strong script writing with high quality production shoots & animation, we deliver product videos that capture and engage your audience.

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Canadian manufacturers play a huge role in our economy - providing 1.7 million jobs annually and contributing more than 10 percent annually to our GDP! At Double Barrel, we’re proud to have worked with a wide variety of clients in this space. From refrigeration and coolant to aerosols and adhesives, every shoot with a manufacturing client is an adventure, and one we’re always up for! Explore our portfolio of work below.

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