Loving Your 9-5

“Why do I have to go to camp and you get to go to work with all your friends at a super fun place?! You have the best job ever!” – Ben, age 10

This gem came from my son as he prepared to spend a summer day enjoying water-gun fights and hiking along the Bruce Trail at ‘Fun Camp’. While he was there, I’d be in my edit suite at The Studio at 41, a shared office space that is home to Double Barrel Studios and other creative-industry businesses, in the gorgeously renovated Empire Times building on King William Street.

The thing is, he was right – I do have a great job. My days are spent telling stories. Like painting a picture, I start with a blank canvas, and then add in layers of ‘paint’ – video footage, audio recordings, music, sound effects, etc. – and at the end of each project there’s a complete picture. And Ben was right about the other part too – spending my time in the studio with co-workers that are also friends makes working hours even more enjoyable. I’m lucky to be surrounded by talented people who I respect, admire, and genuinely like to hang out with.

According to an article in today’s Hamilton Spectator – “Employees with work friends more committed to companies” – it’s important for businesses to foster those connections to increase workers’ happiness, their trust of leadership and make them want to stay put. Makes sense, I think. From my first meeting with Roz and Lee in early 2012, over pints at the West Town, we discovered we had much in common. From similar life experiences and a shared understanding of the language of film and video, to our personal ideals and political views – we definitely started off on the right foot. Almost three years later, I’m pleased those initial connections deepened into friendships that inform the way we work together. I am regularly awed by Roz’s quick decisiveness and thoughtful insights, and charmed by Lee’s easy laughter and ability to make everyone in a room instantly more comfortable. They are lovely people to work with and for.

To the benefit of all of us, the others who’ve joined ‘Team Double Barrel’ along the way are an equally good fit. From producer Dean Campbell who adeptly puts his visions on paper before they’re translated to screen, to our wonderfully gifted Director of Photography, Tyler Tekatch, whose eye for detail makes every production beautiful, to the wizardry and genius of Christoph Benfey, cinematographer extraordinaire. There’s not a dud in the bunch, and we’re involved in each other’s lives beyond Double Barrel – we’ve cheered achievements, supplied last-minute childcare, worked together on films, shared in birthdays and wedding celebrations, and supported each other in various outside endeavours. And, of course, we’ve raised many pints together over the years.

As an editor, by necessity, I’m often sitting in a room by myself. I don’t mind it actually – but it’s nice that whenever there’s a knock on my door, it’s always someone I’m happy to see.