PROJECT LAUNCH: International Village BIA continued

What is it about the International Village that draws the attention of business development? Is it the growing community? The exciting retailers? The opportunity for growth? Or is it about filling a very specific niche? We met with 4 very different business owners within the neighbourhood to discuss all the great characteristics of the International Village and what exactly sets it apart and makes it stand out.

We are so excited to be launching our second string of vignettes for the International Village BIA! Being able to tell the stories of the pioneers and innovators that have been on the leading edge of the success of this district, but also the new and exciting businesses that are jumping aboard has really been such a privilege. 

It was a pleasure featuring the extremely hardworking and talented individuals behind these great businesses. Shout out to Tundra LeatherBent Hair DesignVintageSoulGeek & Steel Lounge!