Fair Vote Canada

A dynamic call-to-action broadcast spot for national advocacy org Fair Vote Canada. Through engaging (and hilarious) storytelling, we demystified proportional representation and sparked conversation about its importance for Canada’s democracy.

About This Project

This wasn’t just any campaign spot; it was a dynamic, slightly slapstick call to action aimed at enlightening Canadian voters about the crucial importance of proportional representation. Armed with a punchy, engaging script and wise-cracking narration, we ventured to demystify this electoral system and ignite a nationwide conversation on the pressing need for Canada to embrace this change.

Leveraging cutout animated imagery and historical photographs, we crafted this satirical 30-second spot that not only aired nationwide but also marked our involvement in the media buy, ensuring maximum reach and impact.

Through this creative storytelling approach, we transformed a complex political topic into an accessible, motivating, and unexpectedly fun message. We proved that learning about our democracy doesn’t have to be dry or daunting; it can be downright entertaining. Get ready to be inspired and informed, all in the span of half a minute!