Hidden Heroes

Our award-winning documentary, produced with the Department of National Defence, that uncovers the often overlooked roles of unsung heroes in Canadian military history. Featuring exclusive interviews with Canada’s top historians and never-before-seen footage, this film celebrates the behind-the-scenes individuals whose logistical support led to pivotal victories over the last century.

Target Audience:
Canadian Public
Film Festivals, DVD, Vimeo On Demand

About This Project

Our most ambitious project to date, “Hidden Heroes,” is an award-winning documentary produced in collaboration with the Department of National Defence. This broadcast-length film delves into the remarkable yet overlooked contributions of individuals who played a critical role in the success of Canadian military operations. Through a mix of in-depth interviews with Canada’s leading historians and the unveiling of never-before-seen footage, “Hidden Heroes” brings to light the stories of the men and women who worked tirelessly behind the scenes. These unsung heroes provided essential logistical support, contributing to key victories in Canada’s military history, both past and present.

“Hidden Heroes” not only chronicles these vital contributions but also celebrates the spirit and dedication of those who risked everything behind the lines. Their stories, often overshadowed by the frontline narratives, are crucial to understanding the full scope of military operations and the collective effort required for success.

Available on DVD and Vimeo On Demand, “Hidden Heroes” offers audiences a compelling cinematic journey through the hidden chapters of military history. It’s an invitation to gain a deeper appreciation for the logistical marvels and the individuals whose behind-the-scenes efforts paved the way for triumphs on the battlefield. This documentary stands as a testament to our commitment to storytelling excellence, shedding light on the extraordinary feats of bravery and ingenuity that have remained untold until now.