Department of National Defence

An engaging animation crafted to launch the IDEaS program, a groundbreaking initiative by the Department of National Defence designed to transform Canada’s defence and security landscape. This concise, visually captivating commercial showcases how IDEaS connects creative minds with the nation’s most challenging defence dilemmas.

Target Audience:
National, general public, innovators

About This Project

In a world where innovation and creativity hold the keys to the future, the Department of National Defence’s IDEaS program stands as a monumental initiative, designed to tackle Canada’s most pressing defence and security challenges. Our team was tasked with bringing this ambitious program to life through the art of animation, creating a piece that not only captivates but informs.

Our animation unfolds the story of IDEaS, a multi-million dollar, 20-year initiative that acts as a bridge between the inventive minds across Canada and the complex needs of national defence and security. This initiative isn’t just about finding solutions; it’s about fostering an environment where creativity meets real-world applications, where innovators are given the resources, guidance, and unparalleled opportunity to retain their intellectual property while developing their prototypes.

As viewers journey through the animation, they are introduced to the essence of IDEaS: a program that welcomes ideas at any stage, from the initial concept to prototype testing and development. Through vivid storytelling, dynamic animations, and a clear, engaging narrative, we aimed to encapsulate the spirit of IDEaS and inspire viewers to see themselves as part of Canada’s next big innovation ~ in both official languages.