First Nations Self-Care Program

This whiteboard animation, developed with North Shore First Nations, showcases the Mino-Bimaadizidaa program, a transformative self-care initiative for eight communities. Enriched with community contributions like voiceover and drumming, the video encapsulates Mino-Bimaadizidaa’s essence — guiding individuals towards a good life, deeply rooted in tradition.

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About This Project

In collaboration with North Shore First Nations, this beautiful, whiteboard animation brings to life the Mino-Bimaadizidaa self-care program,  a profound initiative serving eight First Nations communities.

Described as a love letter to those who’ve faced repeated challenges, Mino Bimaadizidaa aims to reconnect participants with their selves, their culture, and guide them through a transformative journey across four phases over three years. Upon completion, individuals emerge empowered, ready to honor their gifts through employment, and walk the good life with a peaceful spirit, equipped with skills, knowledge, confidence, and a deep connection to their traditions.

With illustrations by Pamela Hubbard and contributions from the community, including voiceover and drumming, the video carefully weaves the essence and impact of Mino Bimaadizidaa, showcasing its commitment to nurturing a good life for its participants.