Sparkling Wine, Oysters & Sabres, oh my!

Ever wondered how all those bubbles get bottled up in your favourite sparkling wine?

Quick answer: it ain’t carbonation.

Come behind-the-barrel as Daniel Speck (Henry of Pelham Winery) shows us the makings of their top-tier sparkling wine, the ‘Cuvee Catherine’.

From there it’s time to pair with The Coach House Cafe’s Eric Peacock. This match-made-in-heaven? Fresh oysters, of course… but how to shuck? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Sommelier Andrew Brooks (Crush on Niagara Wine Tours) is our guide as we explore Niagara’s most amazing vineyards with the entrepreneurs and chefs who call them home. Come check out this episode of Crush on Niagara.