• Project AMPLIFI

    Project AMPLIFI

    A vibrant animation created for the province-wide initiative, Project AMPLIFI. With a snappy script and brand-aligned imagery, complex concepts were simplified, resulting in a more effective, engaging, and understandable message.

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  • David Braley Primary Care Research Collaborative

    David Braley Primary Care Research Collaborative

    This documentary series for McMaster’s Department of Family Medicine showcases the David Braley Primary Care Research Collaborative’s efforts in advancing healthcare, including Indigenous healing and prison health research. Highlighting initiatives for diverse populations, this project underscores a collective mission to reimagine primary care for a healthier, more inclusive Canada.

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  • Fallback Image

    Broadcast Commercial Series

    Hamilton is a city in the midst of a renaissance. From its scrappy Steeltown roots to present day leadership in healthcare, cultural and entrepreneurial innovation.…

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  • Fallback Image

    Small Business Story

    Clients come to us for all sorts of different reasons when they’re considering adding video to their online presence. In the case of Sim Kalsi,…

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  • Behind the Scenes Video

    Behind the Scenes Video

    Shortly after beginning Double Barrel we had the pleasure of meeting with two of Hamilton’s greatest promoters – Marc Skulnick and Kate Sharrow of Hamilton…

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  • IndieGoGo Campaign Video & Live Webathon

    IndieGoGo Campaign Video & Live Webathon

    Back in 2014, we partnered up with Kitestring Creative & BraveNewCode to launch the #HamOntForever Digital Literacy Fund. Our aim was to raise $10,000 in…

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  • Employer Stories

    Employer Stories

    Living Wage Hamilton is an organization that advocates to employers and helps to raise awareness about the importance of providing a living wage; a wage…

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  • Safety Tutorials for Autistic Children & Families

    Safety Tutorials for Autistic Children & Families

    Work that warms the heart is our favourite kind to do. So when Sarah Kupferschmidt and Nancy Marchese came to us in November 2013 to…

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  • My International Village

    My International Village

    This series of vignettes shone a spotlight on Hamilton’s vibrant downtown transformation. Through stories of unique shops and their passionate entrepreneurs, our project invites people to discover the dynamic heart of Hamilton. This collaboration aims to encourage exploration beyond familiar paths, revealing the city’s burgeoning business scene.

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  • Organization Overview

    Organization Overview

    Recently Double Barrel Studios contributed our services to The Equestrian Association for the Disabled or T.E.A.D., an organization focused on enhancing the quality of life…

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  • Program Overview

    Program Overview

    “Inspiring innovative leaders who will transform the world” What Characteristics will define the next generation in engineering? Will it be scientific aptitude? Grasp of global…

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  • Team Unbreakable Awareness Building Campaign

    Team Unbreakable Awareness Building Campaign

    How do we encourage adolescents to be the best versions of themselves?  The research is proven; getting motivated, staying active, and expressing yourself can lead…

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