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    Small Business Story

    Clients come to us for all sorts of different reasons when they’re considering adding video to their online presence. In the case of Sim Kalsi,…

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  • Promotional Vignettes

    Promotional Vignettes

    Hamilton is a city in the midst of renaissance. Nowhere is that more apparent than the downtown core, where new businesses are emerging at a…

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  • Program Overview

    Program Overview

    “Inspiring innovative leaders who will transform the world” What Characteristics will define the next generation in engineering? Will it be scientific aptitude? Grasp of global…

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  • Team Unbreakable Awareness Building Campaign

    Team Unbreakable Awareness Building Campaign

    How do we encourage adolescents to be the best versions of themselves?  The research is proven; getting motivated, staying active, and expressing yourself can lead…

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  • Broadcast Commercial

    Broadcast Commercial

    We teamed up with the DeGroote School of Business to create a video campaign that would showcase their current focus on the transformation of technology in business.…

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  • Small Business Story

    Small Business Story

    Most of us can easily describe our hopes and dreams for the future. For some, it’s a big happy family. For others, a bustling, successful…

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  • 30 Second Broadcast & Theatrical Commercial

    30 Second Broadcast & Theatrical Commercial

    Engineering is the invisible thread that holds so much of our day-to-day lives together. And when it comes to getting teens excited about a STEM…

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  • Commercial Trailer

    Commercial Trailer

    Today’s engineering graduates have a tough job ahead of them. From water quality to sustainable living, from climate change to aging infrastructure, the engineering classes…

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  • Original Educational Series

    Original Educational Series

    For people who have recently been diagnosed with cancer, one of the first challenges is overcoming the amount of information that exists when it comes to…

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