• St. Joseph’s Healthcare

    St. Joseph’s Healthcare

    Our line animation for St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton offers a concise visual journey through its storied past, dynamic present, and ambitious future. With clean lines and a thoughtful color palette, we captured the diversity and spirit of SJHH’s healthcare professionals, embodying the organization’s blend of compassion and innovation.

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  • Fair Vote Canada

    Fair Vote Canada

    A dynamic call-to-action broadcast spot for national advocacy org Fair Vote Canada. Through engaging (and hilarious) storytelling, we demystified proportional representation and sparked conversation about its importance for Canada’s democracy.

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  • Hidden Heroes

    Hidden Heroes

    Our award-winning documentary, produced with the Department of National Defence, that uncovers the often overlooked roles of unsung heroes in Canadian military history. Featuring exclusive interviews with Canada’s top historians and never-before-seen footage, this film celebrates the behind-the-scenes individuals whose logistical support led to pivotal victories over the last century.

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  • Emergency Preparedness Series

    Emergency Preparedness Series

    A dynamic animated video series for Halton Region, Ontario, aimed at educating over half a million individuals on emergency preparedness.

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  • City of Toronto: Climate Strategy

    City of Toronto: Climate Strategy

    Facing climate change and rapid growth, Toronto aims for net zero emissions by 2040. Double Barrel supported this vision with a public awareness video, highlighting strategies and public actions to cut emissions. Filmed across Toronto and enhanced with engaging animations, this piece boosts the city’s sustainability outreach.

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  • Project AMPLIFI

    Project AMPLIFI

    A vibrant animation created for the province-wide initiative, Project AMPLIFI. With a snappy script and brand-aligned imagery, complex concepts were simplified, resulting in a more effective, engaging, and understandable message.

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  • Drones For Good – Transport Canada

    Drones For Good – Transport Canada

    This series of short documentaries, filmed from Quebec City to Vancouver Island, highlights the innovative use of drone technology by leading experts in the field. Through a blend of remote interviews and on-location filming, we’ve captured compelling stories that showcase the potential of aerial technology.

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  • Wolseley Canada

    Wolseley Canada

    An engaging training video series for Wolseley Canada’s nationwide managers simplifies the learning of essential business and accounting principles. With custom illustrations, animations, and lively narration, this impactful training content boosts confidence and fosters excellence. The outcome? A team of empowered managers, fully equipped and enthusiastic to excel.

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  • Parks Canada

    Parks Canada

    This animated educational series dives deep into whale tour operator regulations and guidelines within the Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park, a treasured National Marine Conservation Area in Canada. Attention to detail was paramount, ensuring learners could seamlessly absorb information, from whale perspectives to regional geography, meticulously crafted to perfection.

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  • David Braley Primary Care Research Collaborative

    David Braley Primary Care Research Collaborative

    This documentary series for McMaster’s Department of Family Medicine showcases the David Braley Primary Care Research Collaborative’s efforts in advancing healthcare, including Indigenous healing and prison health research. Highlighting initiatives for diverse populations, this project underscores a collective mission to reimagine primary care for a healthier, more inclusive Canada.

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  • Department of National Defence

    Department of National Defence

    An engaging animation crafted to launch the IDEaS program, a groundbreaking initiative by the Department of National Defence designed to transform Canada’s defence and security landscape. This concise, visually captivating commercial showcases how IDEaS connects creative minds with the nation’s most challenging defence dilemmas.

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  • Meet Your Match

    Meet Your Match

    Our comedic take on speed dating with cats not only went viral, achieving 10,000 views on launch day but also clinched two Davey Awards. The idea, a collaborative brainchild with comedic talents Diana Frances and Jennifer Goodhue perfectly aligned with the Hamilton Burlington SPCA’s Meet Your Match program.

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